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Non-Profit Test Prep

TutorPrep is seeking to partner with local establishments  for the chance to bring it's revolutionary educational methodology to more learners. We have a dedicated fund for underprivileged students. Contact us if you think you might qualify, or if you would like to help contribute.

Educational Caretaking (EDUCARE)

We are proud to say we are putting together plans for our deluxe babysitting services. Educare is a program aimed at providing affordable childcare to families seeking qualified babysitters who are trained to educate children through games and activities. Get a head start on teaching your children to have a "growth mindset" even before they are attending classes.

Language Immersion

Ask us about our up and coming Language Immersion program! Through this program, we will provide native language speakers to engage learners through basic tutoring and authentic conversation about respective countries, current events, and travel!

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