Team Members

You may be one of many learners out there, but you deserve a personal approach. We strive to make that happen.

Cameron Dunbar

In 2013, Cameron received his B.S. in Psychology/Neuroscience from Pennsylvania State University. He founded a local specialized tutoring service, TutorPrep, dedicated to creating transformative educational experiences and methodology for learners of all ages. He credits much of his academic successes and even the roots of his company mission to seeds planted early on in his education and is invested in making that educational experience available to future generations.

Devin Murray
Marketing and Tutor
Eva Perriolat
French Lang. Manager

Devin is the resident specialist in sciences. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with B.S. in Biotechnology. He went on to become a researcher and lab specialist at Parkway Clinical before joining the Tutorprep family as a tutor. Through his experience in graphic design and theater, he has grown into more roles within the company and is an integral part of its success.

Eva has a genuine passion for teaching and is very enthusiastic about meeting new people, traveling, and discovering new cultures. She is currently studying English (language, literature and history) and Spanish at the University of Poitiers in France. After she graduates, she plans to do a master's degree and become an ESL teacher in France. She has collected a lot of experience working with youth around the world. Aside from babysitting and tutoring, Eva has consistently made time to give back to the community while sharpening her language skills. She gained some of these opportunities as an AuPair in the United States and recently by taking on the role of Course Leader for Education First, an international language-immersion company founded in Sweden. She has also volunteered for over a year in helping disadvantaged families through AFEV, a student created nonprofit fighting for socio-economic equality in France. She provided services such as language tutoring and cultural education to the children of immigrant families.

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